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KOTO Detector

Cutaway view of the KOTO detector

Detector cutaway view
Most of the KOTO detector are located inside the vacuum tank.

Electromagnetic calorimeter of undoped CsI crystals
MB, FB (Main/Front Barrel veto)
Pb-scintillator sandwich detector in the barrel region
CV (Charged Veto)
Charged particle veto detector in front of the calorimeter;
Plastic scintillator with WLSF, read by MPPC are used.
NCC (Neutron Collar Counter)
Upstream veto detector, and halo neutron detector at the same time.
Undoped CsI crystals (with WLSF readout!!) are used.
CC04,05,06 (Collar Counter)
Veto detectors which cover the "collar" of the neutral beam.
Undoped CsI crystals are used.
BHCV, BHPV (Beam-Hole Charged/Photon Veto)
In-beam veto detectors;
BHPV consists of 25 layers of Pb-Aerogel modules.

Photo taken on December 30, 2012
Detector photo